History of HIV Special Needs Plans in New York

The following link is to a video presentation to doctoral students at New York Medical College March 2013 which provides a historical overview of HIV Special Needs Plans in New York.

Designing a Medicaid HIV Special Needs Plan in New York
Eli Camhi, LMSW, Executive Director

In 2003 New York State Department of Health approved the go live of fully capitated comprehensive Medicaid Managed Care Plans called HIV Special Needs Plans (HIV SNPs). Designed to meet the needs of the HIV community, these Plans are offered as an alternative to regular Medicaid Managed Care Plans. In addition to standard NYSDOH Medicaid Benefits HIV SNPs have the following distinguishing features:

Membership is restricted to Medicaid eligible HIV Positive Adults and their children (up to the age of 21 regardless of HIV status) residing in New York City. As of  March 2014, uninfected homeless adults could also join.

Members have access to full Medicaid benefits: Inpatient care, outpatient care, pharmacy, dental, vision, laboratory, durable medical equipment, behavioral health services, home care, specialty care, primary care and other additional Medicaid benefits.

All HIV positive members must choose an HIV Specialist PCP as their primary care provider. No more than 350 members can be assigned to a single full time HIV PCP. HIV SNPs must credential their HIV PCPs each year to confirm that they have completed a minimum of 10 hours of continuing medical education in the management of HIV antiretroviral therapy.

HIV SNPs also offer care coordination services to members.

There are 3 HIV SNPs operating in New York State and located in New York City. As of February 2015, they collectively provide services to approximatley 15,232 members residing in New York City.  Current hivsnp enrollment statistics. The three hivsnp are:

Amida Care

Amida Care also posted this historical white paper here :


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