ONAP HIV/AIDS Community Discussion NYC

On Friday evening December 4, 2009 President Obama’s Office of National AIDS Policy  hosted a Community Discussion on HIV/AIDS in the Alumni Auditorium of Columbia University.  Jeffrey Crowley, ONAP Director served as host and Rosie Perez, Actor and long time HIV/AIDS advocate moderated.   While there were some brief introductions and comments by local politicians (Congressman Eliot Engel and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn), the event primarily permitted  a steady stream of 90 second statements from anyone attending who choose to wait in two lines to open microphones.  I think it went on for about 3 hours.

So how do you insure that all are heard.  You have Rosie Perez moderate.  She advised the group early on that comments would be limited to 90 seconds and she would gently but firmly enforce that limit.  And she did.  And everyone complied.  You go Rosie!  If you think all she can do is act, forget about.

ONAP recorded  the entire event and posted it on the White House  website.  Follow this link to see the video: http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/onap/events/newyork

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