Insight Maker – Free Simulation and Modeling in your Browser

Its been years since I attended the MIT Executive Course on System Dynamics taught by John Sterman. Even so it made a lasting impression on me. Based on the works of Jay Forrester and Peter Senge I learned the principles of system dynamics and how to develop models and simulators. While commercial modeling software exists it is a bit expensive.

Enter Insight Maker provided by Gene Bellinger of Systems Thinking World – it’s a free and open source tool for creating such models and simulations. I encourage you to check it out.

Beyond Connecting the Dots – a free book on Systems Thinking

2016 HIV Special Needs Plans Enrollment

HIV Special Needs Plans (HIV SNPs) are a vehicle for providing health care to HIV infected Medicaid patients in New York City. For more information contact New York Medicaid Choice at 1-800-505-5678 or the following HIV SNPs:

MetroPlus Partnership in Care Plan 1-800-303-9626

VNSNY CHOICE SelectHealth 1-866-469-7774

Amida Care 1-800-556-0689

HIV Special Needs Plans have been operational since 2003. See this post for A History of New York HIV Special Needs Plans. This page contains the current enrollment and the history of enrollment for the 3 active Plans. The entire HIV Special Needs Plan Model Contract is available for download here. The statistics above have been extracted from the NYSDOH Monthly Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment Report. Download the report Stats Report.

Commentators of Interest: Election 2016

A collection of commentators supporting the Democratic Party and the Clinton/Kaine campaign.

Fareed Zakaria – CNN

George Lakoff

Michelle & President Obama

Michelle Obama

President Obama

Khizr Khan

New York Times

Washington Post

The Most Consequential Elections in History by Kenneth T. Walsh at U.S. News

A 10-part series by Kenneth T. Walsh published on the U.S. News website in 2008. Walsh is also the author of Celebrity in Chief: A History of the Presidents and the Culture of Stardom.

George Washington and the Election of 1788
Thomas Jefferson and the Election of 1800
Andrew Jackson and the Election of 1828
Abraham Lincoln and the Election of 1860
Abraham Lincoln and the Election of 1864
Theodore Roosevelt and the Election of 1904
Woodrow Wilson and the Election of 1912
Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Election of 1932
Lyndon Johnson and the Election of 1964
Ronald Reagan and the Election of 1980

Eli Camhi