Mandatory Managed Care Enrollment

On July 1, 2010 the NYSDOH Office of Medicaid Managed Care announced a revised start date of September 1, 2010 for mandatory Medicaid managed care enrollment for eligible PLWHAs. Mandatory packets will be sent to Brooklyn residents first.

SSI beneficiaries have 90 days to choose a Mainstream Plan or SNP. Non-SSI beneficiaries have 60 days to choose but can request an additional 30 days. If the client does not choose a Mainstream Plan or SNP then they will be auto assigned to a Mainstream Plan. They will not be auto assigned to an HIV Special Needs Plan. Approximately 2,500 Packets per month will be sent.

The estimated number of eligibles by borough are:

5,148 Brooklyn

6,084 Bronx

3,528 Manhattan

1,768 Queens

514 Staten Island

17,042 Total

In addition a city-wide “Heads Up” letter will be sent August 1, 2010 to all eligibles alerting them of mandatory implementation.

For the most current information regarding mandatory managed care in New York State visit:



The following calendar shows the possible implementation timeline based on public notices.

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