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How often do you want to share a link to a web page with a family member, friend or colleague?   What if you have a series of links to share?  What if you want to share these links often?  Of course you could email each one each time, but a new free web site makes it easier.  sqworl allows you to place any number of links on a web page with a single web address which you can forward to anyone.  

Here’s a sqworl link to a web page I set up to share with grantee’s to whom I provide technical assistance for Ryan White:

Ryan White Technical Assistance References


Each link is shown with a mini view of its opening page.  The link is open to anyone so it can be shared freely.  

In the upper left corner of the screen is a search box to allow sqworl visitors to search all sqworl pages by name. On the lower left corner of the screen is my user name.  If you click on it you will see all the sqworl pages I have created.  

sqworl pages can be updated or deleted by their creator at any time.

To create a page you must have a user account (which is free).  Once logged in you name the page and then enter or paste each url you want to include.  Hopefully in some future version you will be able to automate this by is dragging urls to the page or posting them by email.  

Lots of possible uses.  Consider creating pages that collect links for a particular topic or subject.  Highly recommended.

To view a video introduction of the concept posted by the founder Caleb Brown:


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