2008 Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Grantee Meeting

Session Descriptions are now available:
For those attending I am participating in the following presentations:

Title Show Me the Program Income?
Workshop Block Workshop A
Track Administration/Fiscal
Date Monday, August 25
Time 11:00am-12:30pm
Location Wilson B
Level Basic

This session is for those grantees with little or no experience in billing third-party payors and for those that are experienced and looking for enhancements. The session will focus on starting or contracting for a
third-party billing system, the importance of the fee schedule and eligibility verification. The discussion will also include how program income is restricted and how it may be expended. Cost-based reimbursement will be discussed including negotiating with third-party insurers and federally qualified health centers (FQHC).

Moderator Sylvia Trent-Adams
Presenters Thomas Hickey
Julia (Lolita) Cervera
Eli Camhi

Title Developing and Implementing a User-Friendly Priority Setting Tool
Workshop Block Workshop F
Track Administration/Fiscal
Date Tuesday, August 26
Time 3:30pm-5:00pm
Location Delaware B
Level Intermediate

In 2005, the NYC EMA Planning Council created a task force to develop a priority setting tool. After a thorough review of the published literature, the task force chose to use the grid analysis to assess the service portfolio. This workshop will discuss how the task force was able to provide specific recommendations on funding, service elements, and guidance within service categories based on the results of this analysis.

Moderator Songhai Barclift

Presenters Eli Camhi
Anthony Santella
JoAnn Hilger

See you in Washington!

Eli Camhi

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